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Meet Luzmery Daniel

Hola! I am Luzmery Daniel Founder of Posh Lior Events, where we love to transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary moments.
With a collective of 7 years of experience in the event planning industry, as a hospitality student, Event Planner intern, and most importantly in-house Assistant Event Planner at a large-scale venue in MA. To venturing out as an independent Event Planner and designer ultimately founding Posh Lior Events in 2016.

I am genuinely passionate about all things events, from planning, coordinating, designing, producing, you name it I am all about it. Having hands-on experience with how events are meticulously planned and produced from the front of the house to the back of the house, and all the in-between, offers my clients an advantage point when planning logistics for any type of event at any venue. Throughout my event planning career, I've had the pleasure of orchestrating a diverse range of events, from intimate gatherings, weddings, networking events, and fundraising galas, to a
live recording podcast event.

My mission is to craft experiences that reflect your unique style and personality.  I believe in the power of storytelling through events, and I'm here to weave your narrative into every detail. From venue selection to vendor management, we handle every aspect of the planning process. Allowing you to enjoy a stress-free journey to your special day. All while being the VIG ( very important guest)  at your event. Our team is dedicated to infusing vision and creativity into every detail of any event, as each host has their story.

Events are more than just dates on a calendar; they are experienced moments that shape our memories.  So why not experience your event from the very beginning stages to the very end?  Just remember your future event-planning bestie is just a call or email away! Always with Love,

Luzmery Daniel  
Founder, Event Planner & Designer

“Posh Lior Events is my go-to event planning company. Not only are they on top of communicating every detail but they are so proactive that I felt comfortable with giving them full control of everything. They continuously exceed my expectations. A must company hands down.”


Baby Shower

“My maid of honor hired Luzmery for my bridal shower and it was so magical. Everything was so beautiful and detailed, from the personalized drink place cards to my favorite desserts, colors, and beautiful floral centerpieces. No matter where you looked you will find a detail that was so me. It was such a memorable event, could have not asked for a better bridal shower.”


Bridal Shower

“Hired Posh Lior for a surprise birthday party for my wife and she loved what Luzmery and myself came up with. The decor was exactly what I wanted for my wife’s special day. Luzmery took care of everything decor-wise which was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much Luzmery you did an amazing job!”



“Hired Luzmery for my son’s first birthday party and it was the best decision I could have made. Having someone handling everything for your event from the begging to the end is a GAME CHANGER! Aside from Luzmery being a pleasure to work with she delivered as promised and it was everything I could have wanted for my baby’s first birthday.“


First Birthday

“We had hired Posh Lior Events last summer for our baby shower and we were so blown away we hired her for our wedding. Just as before and as expected she exceeded our expectations and blew us away. All of our guests who were wowed for our baby shower were blown away by the wedding. Luzmery and her team decorated the church and reception hall beautifully. Highly recommended. 10/10! “



“After attending a baby shower Posh Lior Events had designed for our friend, my fiancé and I knew we wanted her to decorate for our own baby shower. Luzmery and her team executed everything to a T and went above and beyond for us. Our baby shower was mid-pandemic so we had an outdoor baby shower. Luzmery and her team were able to accommodate us even with a few changes and a guest count increase a few days before, they execute our baby shower beautifully and exceeded our expectations. We received so many compliments from our gust.”


Baby Shower

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